Core Team

We are a group of youth who came together to create and work on this project in our own capacity.  We do not represent the schools, other institutions or organisations we were or are part of, but we aim to represent young Singaporeans about what kind of natural environment we want to see in Singapore come 2030. We are also independent of existing Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) as well as government-run bodies and political parties. Here is an introduction to our team’s core members and their motivations:

Huang Xinyuan

I am on a gap year and in the long run, I want to transform how people think about the environment. I intend to pursue my degree in Germany, beginning autumn 2014, but haven’t decided where or what to apply for yet. I love philosophy, current affairs, hiking, country and post-rock music, and good vegetarian food, but can’t cook to save my life (for now). In my free time, I enjoy reading, eating, swimming, jogging, and talking to friends over tea. If you think we’ll get along, find me on Facebook.

Ruth Ng

I recently graduated from Raffles Institution, and looking back, realised how much I owe to the people and environment around me. My environment provides context and identity, and this motivates me to continually learn about different aspects of the world. I believe that everyone has a hand to help make Singapore a safe, conducive and vibrant place for all Singaporeans to grow up and prosper in. I will be reading Law in university, in order to equip myself to become an effective contributor and advocate.

Gwen Wong

I am 19 this year and graduated from ACS (Independent) and CHIJ Toa Payoh Secondary. My concern for the environment was sparked during geography lessons in CHIJ, where I began to care more about our planet, as I do not think future generations should suffer for the mistakes of present and past generations. Noticing how recent natural climate-related disasters have led to a devastating loss of innocent lives further fuels me to make ‘green’ changes to our world, by becoming a legislator. I will thus be reading Environmental Policy with Economics in the London School of Economics beginning autumn 2013.

Chen Wenying

Hello! I am 19 and graduated from National Junior College (IP). I believe that passion drives action and I have always had a deep love for nature. I’m not an opinionated person, but when it comes to issues I feel strongly for, I will speak up. I feel that it is my mission to protect our Earth and to take action by inspiring, influencing and to lead by example. Apart from being involved in environmental related activities, I enjoy sports (air-rifle), exploring, painting, reading, writing, meeting new people and living my life to the fullest.

Moira Low

I am completing my twelfth year of formal education in Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) where I will be taking my IB exams. Before joining ecoYOUth, I was a passive environmentalist, but the White Paper spurred me on to taking on action and advocacy because I do care. My other passions include student council and gender equality.

Eric Bea

I am no greenie or hippie; I like architectural superstructures and urban landscapes. So why am I here? That is because I believe that even while we pursue development, we have got to make it sustainable and respect Nature. I’m 19 and currently serving NS, and whatever little free time is usually on ecoYOUth. Although I intend to read Law (in London, hopefully!) in 2015, my main concern here relates to transportation- if you have ideas relating to transport in Singapore, get in touch with me: f | e

Poh Yong Han

I am a Year Four student from Raffles Girls’ School (Secondary)! I am involved in several environmental initiatives, such as Plant for the Planet, but I think what makes EcoYOUth unique is its focus on representing youth voices and its local flavour. What drives me is the believe that everyone has the potential to make great social change, and when a bunch of people who all care get together, they can kickstart a revolution. Hopefully, with everyone’s dedication, knowledge, and action, we can defy the convention that ‘teenagers can’t do anything’ and make positive social change to our community.

Mock Yi Jun

I am a Year 4 student in Anglo-Chinese School (Independent). I’ve always been an avid fan of nature, and I love animals. Simple pleasures in life for me include being watching the stars at night, strolling through a park or jungle, or just gazing at the world. Having been born and bred in the city, learning more about the environment and here never fails to amaze me, and is thus something that I feel the need to preserve.

Email: ecoyouthsg[at]gmail[dot]com
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