Come, join us in our dialogues! We’d love to meet you and…

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[Event] “OUR HERITAGE IN NATURE”. From Railway Track to Green Corridor and our Coastal Natural Heritage in Singapore. Event will be on 11 May (Sat) from 9am-12.30pm @ Auditorium of the Shaw Foundation Alumni House in NUS.

Go for it!

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The real value of ecology

[Review] “THE REAL VALUE OF ECOLOGY.” So to the question of.. What has nature ever done for us?

“Economists and economic planners have become used to seeing nature as supplier of resources and dump for waste. We have reached the point now where we must realise that nature is also a supplier of services, an inspiration for design and our greatest ally in securing human needs indefinitely into the future.”
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What future do you want?

Do join us this Saturday at NUS (Block S16, Level 3, very much accessible by shuttle bus!) for our dialogue in the morning from 8am! Register on 🙂

Singapore Institute of Planners has also organised a forum titled CAN WE PLAN FOR 2030? It will also be in NUS, in University Town, at 2.30pm. More details in the link – do check it out!

We hope to see you on Saturday!
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wildsingapore news: More sightings of wild otters in Singapore

[Review] “MORE SIGHTINGS OF WILD OTTERS IN SINGAPORE.” Have you seen any of these beautiful creatures along the Singapore shores? It would be great to provide them a habitat and to nurture their population… I would hope to see it for myself one of these days.
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RGS Nature Week

Starting next week we will be having dialogues at RGS for its Nature Week – only open to RGS students, as it is held after school within premises. RGS students interested should register at ; non-RGS students interested to have dialogues in your own schools should email us at 🙂
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